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Fine-Art Long Exposure Workshop in Vancouver!

Hello everyone,

for those interested in learning about Fine-Art Long Exposure Photography, I offer a weekend workshop held in Vancouver, B.C. (Canada)

This one-of-a-kind workshop will teach you how to make stunning black and white images using long-exposures up to 15+ minutes.

This is one the very few workshops available in North America that teaches the long exposure style of shooting, made popular by photographers such as Michael Kenna, David Burdeny, Michael Levin, Joseph Hoflehner and many others.

This workshop has been specifically designed to take full advantage of the amazing natural and urban landscapes of Vancouver. We’ll be shooting all around the area, from the water’s edge to the busy urban streets of the downtown district, pushing the limits of these techniques to its creative maximum.

If you're interested to find out more details, please click this link!

This workshop is offered many times throughout the year, so please check the Vancouver Photo Workshops website for current offerings.


Online Course: Fine-Art Long Exposure Photography

Hello everyone,

Since January of 2012 I have been offering my popular Fine-Art Long Exposure Course in a new online format.

This online course is 10 weeks in length, with 5 assignments given. You will receive personalized critique and feedback on your images, along with learning resources both in written and/or audio and video format.

The course is offered through my workshop company, Vancouver Photo Workshops. Here's a screen-shot and a link so you can get more information:

Long Exposure Photography 10 Week Online Course

Direct link is here:


I have been teaching my fine-art long exposure workshops and courses since late 2006. I have welcomed students from as far from away from Vancouver as Norway and New Zealand. With technology opening up new avenues for communication and teaching, it is time to dive into my first online course.

Have a look and let me know if you have any questions/comments. As always, your feedback is not only encouraged but also very much appreciated!


Long Exposure Workshop in Domburg (NL) July 2012:

For the 2nd time, my Fine-Art Long Exposure Workshop is offered in Europe. Join us in Domburg (The Netherlands) this July 7th and 8th, 2012.

Photographs above copyright Joel Tjintjelaar

Award-winning Photographers Joel Tjintjelaar and Marc Koegel will join forces for this workshop!

I am really excited to be teaching once again with Joel. If you haven't seen his captivating photography, make sure to check out his site. Here's a link to his work on 500px.com. Take a look today!

Photographs above copyright by Marc Koegel 

To see all the details about this workshop, please make sure to vist the detailed workshop description page on http://vancouverphotoworkshops.com/workshops/long-exposure-workshop-netherlands-2012.php

The first 5 people who register get a 50 Euros discount off regular tuition fees!

Hope to see you there!


Mentorships - One-on-One Training

For many years, I have been working with individuals one-on-one to help them attain their next step photographically. Mentoring on this basis provides great opportunities for you to expand your photographic knowledge and skills, and to refine your photographic personality.

As your mentor, I strive to not only champion your work, I aim to guide and support your dreams and aspirations as a photographer.

For more information please contact Heather Wilson at 778.898.5256

Thank you for your interest.


Photoshop for Long Exposure B+W Photography!

To see all details about this Workshop please visit Vancouver Photo Workshops by clicing this link!

This one-of-a-kind workshop will teach you how to make stunning black and white images from your original color RAW files.

Marc Koegel Long Expsoure Image

This highly anticipated workshop is geared specifically for long exposure photographers, and it is a great next step for those who have completed Marc's Long Exposure Workshop previously.

Don't have any long exposure experience? If you shoot landscapes, or cityscapes, then this workshop is for you also as the techniques discussed will be fully applicable.

This workshop is about how to make Photoshop an essential part of your workflow. With its help, you can overcome common digital camera limitations, such as limited dynamic range. You can extend perspective and gain resolution without buying additional lenses or a newer camera with more megapixel. You can convert from color to black and white while maintaining utmost control and achieve results that far exceed what possible with in-camera techniques only. Finally, you can combine elements from several images, i.e. skies with clouds, and combine them into one photograph.

We will be using the following software, all of which is available as FREE trial versions so you can download it even if you don't own it:

  • Adobe Photoshop /Lightroom
  • Autopano Pro Panoramic Software
  • NIK Multimedia SilverFX Pro 2

Topics covered during this Workshop will include:

  • Using Layers for non-destructive image editing
  • Using Masks to blends elements and apply selective adjustments
  • Photoshop black and white conversion methods
  • SilverFX Pro 2 for black and white conversions
  • Blending several exposures using Photoshop (aka manual HDR processing)
  • Combining elements from several images into one single photograph
  • Advanced Burning and Dodging techiques for black and white
  • Panoramic imaging using Photoshop and Autopano Pro Software
  • Sharpening techniques
  • And much, much more
  • There will be lots of time to discuss your questions

Images above: Replacing the sky, moving it to fit, and final colour to black and white conversion

Please note: For demonstration purposes, Marc Koegel will share several of his original photographs, and how he processed them step-by-step.

This is rare glimpse into Marc's archives, and into how he achieved his award winning imagery.

Camera techniques may also be discussed as they relate to the post-production techniques discussed.

To see all details about this Workshop please visit Vancouver Photo Workshops by clicing this link!