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Mentorships - Private One-on-One Tutoring with Marc Koegel

For many years, I have been working with individuals one-on-one to help them attain their next step photographically. Mentoring on this basis provides great opportunities for you to expand your photographic knowledge and skills, and to refine your photographic personality. As your mentor, I strive to not only champion your work, I aim to guide and support your dreams and aspirations as a photographer.

A mentorship is often goal-oriented; it could lead to the creation of a memorable and strong portfolio of personal images, an exhibition of your work in a gallery, a published photography book, even a fully developed business plan to help you launch your photographic career. A mentorship offers the chance to work one-on-one with me over a period of time (from single sessions to 12 months and longer) in order to help you define your own "visual fingerprint".

The mentorship will begin with a discussion of your photographic aspirations and a review of your work. Based on our initial session, I'll give you assignments, following up with critiques to strengthen your style as well as help you achieve all of your photographic goals.

For more information please contact my studio manager, Heather Wilson at: 778.898.5256, or email me directly at mkoegel@mac.com.

Mentorship Program Options:

The Photography Mentorships program offers three options to cater to your individual needs.

  • Year-long mentorship of 14 sessions total. This includes 60 minute phone consultations approximately every four weeks (12 sessions total), photographic assignments, and critiques of online images. 2 extra consultation sessions are included and will be scheduled as needed.
  • Six-month mentorship of 6 sessions total. This includes 60 minute phone consultations approximately every four weeks (6 session total), photographic assignments, and critiques of online images.
  • Single sessions of 60 minutes each, with a maximum of three sessions possible.


Please note that if you're interested in the mentorship program, an initial phone conversation with me is free. During this phone call, I will evaluate your goals and discuss suggested training options (and length). There is absolutely no obligation.

Mentorship Sessions:

Each mentorship is structured to have individual sessions with me approximately every four weeks. This time frame is flexible, however, mentorships need to be completed in the time allotted (6 or 12 months).

Sessions are usually conducted over the phone, although Skype and iChat are possibilities. I will give assignments at the end of each session with the expectation and understanding that completion of these assignments will be made within a four week timeframe.

Images resulting from each assignment are emailed to me before the next scheduled session, allowing enough time for me to review your work.

Each mentor session is 60 minutes in length. Contact with me between scheduled sessions should to be kept to emergencies only please.

Face to Face Meetings:

Although the mentorship program was developed primarily for long-distance learning, face-to-face meetings at my studio space are available if you live near Vancouver. B.C. (or if you will be travelling here).

The opportunity to go out and photograph with me is something many past students of mine valued highly. Since these meetings are likely to last well over an hour, they are considered outside the structured mentorship sessions and costs need to be worked out on a case-by-case basis.

Participants of my 12 month program have 'used' their 2 additional sessions to go out and photograph with me for a total of 2 hours. Please contact me for more details if you wish to take advantage of this option.

How to get started:

So you're interested to learn more and discuss some mentoring options? The first step is to contact my studio manager, Heather Wilson at 778.898.5256. You can also email your inquiry to me directly: mkoegel@mac.com.

We will setup a time for a free phone consultation with me, Marc Koegel, directly. During this conversation, we will discuss your individual goals and expectations, and recommend a training option. There is absolutely no obligation.