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Hello, my name is Marc.

Thank you for visiting this website!

Marc Koegel is a Vancouver, B.C. based fine art photographer, educator, writer and director of Vancouver Photo Workshops LTD. His black and white long exposure landscapes, nudes and architecture photographs have been widely exhibited in Vancouver as we as internationally in the US and Europe.

Born in Germany, Marc first came to Canada in 1996 to earn an Economics degree. He has been seriously involved with photography ever since he was given his father's camera and darkroom setup at the age of 12.

He has worked and studied with many internationally acclaimed photographers, including Joe McNally, Greg Gorman, Jay Maisel, Arthur Meyerson, Mary Ellen Mark, Ralph Gibson, David Hume Kennerly and Jon Cone from Cone Editions Press.

Marc has been seriously involved with long exposure photography ever since the year 2000, when he took his first long exposure photograph he actually liked. This was the image:

Thinking back to the day I saw this negative for te first time is a fond memory. I was hooked! Taking great inspiration from Michael Kenna, this was one of the first photographs I took where I felt I was able to communicate my artistic vision through the use of a camera. The image 'felt' like when I was there taking it. It was an 8 minute exposure taken on a Rollei SL66. My girlfriend (now wife) and my Dad both held umbrellas to protect me and my camera equipment from the snow that was coming down vigorously. What first drew me to take this photo was the wet snow on the tree branches, and the leading line of the river...

Since that day, I have been shooting many thousands upon thousands of long exposure photographs. It has been a fantastic journey, what keeps me going is the realization that I am only as good as my next photograph. Photography is one of the few professions where you never stop learning, improving and sharpening your artistic expression as you keep going. I enjoy looking back at my early work. It tells a story about me, what kind of person I was throughout my life's journey.

A good friend of mine once said that he cares more about his experiences taking photographs then the actual photographs themselves. What great words of wisdom! I have been thinking about this statement for a great deal of time, and couldn't agree more. As satisfying as some images might be to you, if you didn't enjoy taking you probably should consider switching professions. 

The strong grip long exposure photography has on me is largely due to the experiences it has provided me with. I have travelled far, seen fantastic places, and have met many incredible people all because I was out looking to take photographs. If it wasn't for my camera I would have missed out on all of this. 

So, what has photography done for you? Nice to meet you and thanks again for visiting this site!

The above photograph was made near Astoria, Oregon. Photography was giving me a gift. The family on the right stood still just long enough to become visible in this 3.5 minute exposure. There were lots of people walking around, and it was impossible for me to plan the outcome of this exposure. But lucky accidents like this happen to those in need, and when I saw this image I couldn't help but smile...