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Shout out! Long Exposure Work by Jonathan Povey

Welcome to this new series of posts, where I would like to give a 'shout out' to former students of mine.

Jonathan Povey will be the first photographer featured in this series.

I've met Jonathan at Vanarts, a local Vancouver school that teaches commercial digital photography in a 1 year full-time program. The school is fully accredited. In fact, was commissioned to put this program together back in 2007. After serving as the program director and lead instructor for just over 2 years, I resigned so that I could spend more time with my personal photography workshop business, Vancouver Photo Workshops. Running two businesses at the same time had me running around for more hours than the week could give me. Ask my wife and she hardy remembers me during that time....

But that's another story. Fact is, Vanarts runs a great program and I still get to teach my long exposure workshop over there. I really enjoy working with the students, it gives me a kick and great satisfaction seeing them progress from novice to professionals in a just one short year. Every year, a few students really stand out, and Jonathan Povey is one of those outstanding photographers.

Since graduating from Vanarts, Jonathan has followed his dream and is working hard on developing his business.

Check out some of Jonathan Povey's inspirational images below:


Well done Jonathan! I especially like the first 2 images of the row of beach huts. Jonathan told me that those were actually light painted. He shot at night, without the using ND filters, and used a strong flashlight to literally 'paint in' the beach huts. He returned twice to the same spot.

Before closing, I thought it would be interesting for you to look at the scene Jonathan shot in Brighton, Sussex. On his blog, he posted a 'regular' color shot of the scene.

This first image shows you how the old structure looked without the long exposure effects and black and white conversion:

In this second image, the effects of a very long exposure can be seen in the blurred water as well as clouds in the sky:

Finally the last image of this scene is the one I like the most. It shows the effects of exposure time in relation to blurring details in the image. I don't know what the actual exposure was here, but it is likely much shorter, leaving some details and texture in the waves especially.

Thanks for letting me share your photographs, Jonathan!

Keep up the great work!