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Shout out! Long Exposure Work by Jonathan Povey

Welcome to this new series of posts, where I would like to give a 'shout out' to former students of mine.

Jonathan Povey will be the first photographer featured in this series.

I've met Jonathan at Vanarts, a local Vancouver school that teaches commercial digital photography in a 1 year full-time program. The school is fully accredited. In fact, was commissioned to put this program together back in 2007. After serving as the program director and lead instructor for just over 2 years, I resigned so that I could spend more time with my personal photography workshop business, Vancouver Photo Workshops. Running two businesses at the same time had me running around for more hours than the week could give me. Ask my wife and she hardy remembers me during that time....

But that's another story. Fact is, Vanarts runs a great program and I still get to teach my long exposure workshop over there. I really enjoy working with the students, it gives me a kick and great satisfaction seeing them progress from novice to professionals in a just one short year. Every year, a few students really stand out, and Jonathan Povey is one of those outstanding photographers.

Since graduating from Vanarts, Jonathan has followed his dream and is working hard on developing his business.

Check out some of Jonathan Povey's inspirational images below:


Well done Jonathan! I especially like the first 2 images of the row of beach huts. Jonathan told me that those were actually light painted. He shot at night, without the using ND filters, and used a strong flashlight to literally 'paint in' the beach huts. He returned twice to the same spot.

Before closing, I thought it would be interesting for you to look at the scene Jonathan shot in Brighton, Sussex. On his blog, he posted a 'regular' color shot of the scene.

This first image shows you how the old structure looked without the long exposure effects and black and white conversion:

In this second image, the effects of a very long exposure can be seen in the blurred water as well as clouds in the sky:

Finally the last image of this scene is the one I like the most. It shows the effects of exposure time in relation to blurring details in the image. I don't know what the actual exposure was here, but it is likely much shorter, leaving some details and texture in the waves especially.

Thanks for letting me share your photographs, Jonathan!

Keep up the great work!


The Color Moment!

This is strange. I am completely out of my personal comfort zone. Yes, I have actually done some color photography (and even worked up my courage to share it).

My good friend Arthur Meyerson is visiting Vancouver. Brought him up from Texas to do a couple of workshops and a 5 day photographic tour that will take us to the 'real' west coast of Canada, Tofino and the Pacific Rim National Park. Arthur has been up here in Vancouver annually for the past 5 years, teaching workshops, seminars, and photo tours with Vancouver Photo Workshops.

For those of you familiar with Arthur's work, you know he is all about color. In fact, I am not alone beliefing that he is one of the best color Photographers working today. Inspired by his visit I was looking at a few images I shot on my most recent trip to the Canadian Prairies. And then it happened. I decided that I really liked the color that was present in my original photographs.

I always shoot RAW and convert to black and white on the computer. I consider myself as a photographer who 'sees in black and white'. I've been working on refining that vision ever since I picked up my first camera. In the past friends and students have often pointed out that they liked at least some of my images in color, but I myself have never even considered not making the conversion to black and white.

Until today!

So here you go Arthur! Your inspiration has made me produce my first long exposure photographs in color. As you always tell your students, it's good for us to leave our comfort zones and try something new. I couldn't agree more. So here it is!

I am so glad I made this leap. And there may be more images to come.....gotta stay tuned for that. For now, I like these two images posted below. In fact, I like them so much that I decided to include them in a gallery exhibition themed 'The Color of Light', showing at PhotoHaus Gallery until May 13th, 2011.


I had the honour of meeting (and working) with acclaimed NYC Photographer Jay Maisel on numerous occasions. I remember Jay telling his students that for a color photograph to be successful, color has to be the essential ingredients. If the impact of the image would be the same in black and white, then why didn't you shoot it that way? Why did you choose to include color if it doesn't add to the significance of the photograph?

I hope you agree that the color in the above photographs adds to the impact of both scenes. The golden light of the setting sun makes me remember why I decided to wait for 3 hours before taking this shot...

As always I welcome your feedback. Please do let me know what you think.

Oh, and before I leave you today here is a quick snapshot of Arthur Meyerson posing with my wife Xenija in front of my images as displayed at PhotoHaus Gallery.



Long Exposures in the Canadian Prairies

Hello everyone,

I did this photography trip to Saskatchewan and Alberta last Fall. Drove over 4000Km in just 8 days in search of mostly old wooden grain elevators.

I started this series of photographs the summer prior, and finally had the opportunity to return and (almost) finish it.

The following images are a small preview of what will amount to a full exhibition of images.

I used digital capture and an old Polaroid camera loaded with Chocolate Polaroid film to capture these. The images below are samples from the digital capture. I will post some results from the Polaroid camera soon.

Exposure times varied from 10 minutes to up to an hour long.

Have a look at these and let me know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated!



Long Exposures of German Lighthouses!

Hello everyone,

below are a few images from a recent shoot in Germany. I was visiting my family and friends back in Hamburg.

As most of you will likely understand, a ‘break’ or ‘vacation’ (as it is sometimes called) will ALWAYS include time for photography for me. In fact, I have been known to take ‘vacations’ so that I finally have time for my photography. You could almost call it work, but the difference is that I enjoy every second of it.

My wife already knows that those 5 minutes frequently turn into hours, especially when I am shooting my long exposures (and she is very understanding, at least up to a point).

Here is a small preview of what I have been working on this past photo trips:

I spent some time on an Island called Sylt. Lost of expansive beaches and sand, and, as it turns out, lots of lighthouses, too. This is how I selected this subject, and thought I work on a small series.

I am working digitally here, with my trusty D3 and 18mm prime lens. Shooting wide-angle like this really worked, especially when I was able to capture stormy clouds and all the drama that came with it. On this next image it would have been great to get a bit closer, but all i had was my 18mm. You work with what you have...

Finally, as I was getting ready to escape from the rain that was sure to start any minute, I couldn’t resist taking this last images which is a self portrait. I started the exposure and walked into my own frame to sit there for a few minutes.

I sat on the bench for about 3 minutes (total exposure was about 5 minutes). When I got up and walked over to my camera, it had just started to rain and the wind was blowing in strong gusts. In fact, the gusts were so strong, the tripod was about to be blown over if I hadn't caught it. Way to avoid what could have been a real expensive afternoon...

Let me know what you think – any and all comments are much appreciated!

BTW, I’ll be teaching a Long Exposure Workshops, Level 1 and Level 2, in Vancouver and Calgary this summer. Have a look by cliicking the links. Hope to see you there!