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Long Exposures of German Lighthouses!

Hello everyone,

below are a few images from a recent shoot in Germany. I was visiting my family and friends back in Hamburg.

As most of you will likely understand, a ‘break’ or ‘vacation’ (as it is sometimes called) will ALWAYS include time for photography for me. In fact, I have been known to take ‘vacations’ so that I finally have time for my photography. You could almost call it work, but the difference is that I enjoy every second of it.

My wife already knows that those 5 minutes frequently turn into hours, especially when I am shooting my long exposures (and she is very understanding, at least up to a point).

Here is a small preview of what I have been working on this past photo trips:

I spent some time on an Island called Sylt. Lost of expansive beaches and sand, and, as it turns out, lots of lighthouses, too. This is how I selected this subject, and thought I work on a small series.

I am working digitally here, with my trusty D3 and 18mm prime lens. Shooting wide-angle like this really worked, especially when I was able to capture stormy clouds and all the drama that came with it. On this next image it would have been great to get a bit closer, but all i had was my 18mm. You work with what you have...

Finally, as I was getting ready to escape from the rain that was sure to start any minute, I couldn’t resist taking this last images which is a self portrait. I started the exposure and walked into my own frame to sit there for a few minutes.

I sat on the bench for about 3 minutes (total exposure was about 5 minutes). When I got up and walked over to my camera, it had just started to rain and the wind was blowing in strong gusts. In fact, the gusts were so strong, the tripod was about to be blown over if I hadn't caught it. Way to avoid what could have been a real expensive afternoon...

Let me know what you think – any and all comments are much appreciated!

BTW, I’ll be teaching a Long Exposure Workshops, Level 1 and Level 2, in Vancouver and Calgary this summer. Have a look by cliicking the links. Hope to see you there!