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From the Archives: 'Point Roberts View' long exposure photograph using Polaroid Type 55 PN film!

Hello everyone,

Today, I'd like to share an image from my archives.

I photographed this image back in 2007, using my Toyo 4"x5" and Polaroid Type 55 PN film.

This is a 'full-frame' scan of the original negative:

Point Roberts (WA) was my 'playground' when I got serious about improving my long exposure photography skills. I have lost count of how many times I visited over the years.  

Last week, I discovered 2 unopened boxes of Polaroid Type 55 sitting in storage at my studio. This used to be absolute favorite (instant) film as it gave you not only an instant print but a useable negative at the same time. I felt really blessed finding those 2 boxes (it made my day actually), and ever since I have been thinking about a 'worthy' project to use it for. So I revisited some of my old images shot on this film stock, and came across this long exposure image posted here.

Needless to say, I am really excited to be shooting these 2 boxes sometime very soon. Unlike 'regular' film, which can be frozen and kept for many years, this film does not do well with extended storage (the chemistry inside of it dries up). 

In a world of digital 'instant gratification', using his instant film fits right in. You will be able to have quality 4" x 5" negatives ready for scanning within minutes of the original exposure. And the positive image, although pretty low quality, serves well as an instant indicator to confirm your composition and technical qualities such as exposure, sharpness, etc...Just don't rely too much on it -))

I am really taken with the 'organicness' of this film as well. The sprocket holes are real, and I embrace the occasional imperfection.

Stay tuned for more work using this film!

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