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Fine-Art Minimalist and Winter Photography Workshop in Calgary - March 8 + 9

Hello everyone,

I am stoked to be teaching an exclusive 'Fine-Art Minimalist and Winter Photography' Workshop with my good friend Oliver Du Tre.

Images above copyright Olivier Du Tre

Coming up on March 8 + 9 in Calgary, this will be a very unique workshop offering you a chance to create some rare and extraordinary images!

We'll teach you how to make stunning black and white images in winter snow using a minimalist mindset for composition and creative camera techniques such as long-exposures.

The winter landscapes in the Calgary area are very unique and this workshop will have you out shooting at various locations. Capture rare images that only this landscape can deliver!

As this is a winter workshop, you have got to be prepared for temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius (equals -40 Fahrenheit) with the wind chill. In the classroom, we will be addressing 'safety first' and 'technical (equipment)' topics such as:

  • What to wear
  • What not to do (like walking right into a scene and afterwards photographing your own footprints)
  • What can go wrong
  • Planning your shooting day
  • (How to) winterize you and your vehicle (what to bring, food, etc)

Oliver Du Tre will be talking about how weather can simplify snow scenes. He'll address how he photographs in fog and snow, falling snow, etc.

Oliver brings a wealth of knowledge of the local area, and his photographic style and techniques complement Marc's perfectly.

To read more information about this workshop, and to register, please visit the following link:


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