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The Oregon Coast Roadtrip with a Phase One IQ 260 Achromatic

Hello everyone,

just before the year 2013 was over, I packed up the Van and my family went on a road trip down to the Oregon Coast.

In my bag was a Phase One IQ 260 Achromatic, provided by my friends of B3K Digital in Toronto. After shooting with this very unique camera in Toronto for just 2 days, I was waiting to get another chance to work with it some more.

Oregon has an amazing coastline. I have done several trips down there over the years, and never been disappointed by the photographic opportunities.

Here is the first image I've had a chance to work on and finish. Photographed just south of Cannon Beach, from the side of the road on a windy day. 

Image Details: Phase One IQ 260 Achromatic on a Cambo WDS with 43mm lens. Exposure time was 20 seconds.

While driving along the coast, it is nearly impossible not to notice the many 'sea-stacks', tall rocks sticking out of the surf fairly close to the beach. The further south you travel, the more of them you'll see.

With this image, given that it was a stormy and windy day, I wanted to make sure to capture the movement in the waves. An exposure time of 20 seconds gave me some blur, without loosing too much details. The high winds moved the clouds by really fast, so I was able to pick up lots of motion there.

The IQ 260 Achromatic shoots native black and white, and while processing the image I was blown away by the subtle details and shades of grey I was able to pick up in the blurred water as well as in the sky. Those of you who follow my work know how much I like strong contrast, and the richness in original tonality here allowed me to increase contrast without the loss of mid tone and highlight details. It was a joy to edit and work on this file.

As I am looking to develop my photography further in 2014 (and beyond) I have the feeling that this image may have started a 'trend' towards more minimalism in my compositions. As mentioned above, I have travelled those roads before, but was not ready to take a picture like this until now. I am excited to see what road this may take me on...

Please stay tuned for more images from this trip.

More tk...

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Reader Comments (3)

I can relate to the last paragraph of your post Marc. I find myself also moving to a more minimalist approach. I travel 1/2 hour to my studio through the countryside each day. When I first moved there, I saw all kinds of photographs on my drive but nothing that really made me want to stop. Over the past year or so, I've stopped more often, and more often than not it's because I finally 'see' what I'm wanting to photograph and lately it's been very simple compositions. I'm becoming more selective in what I stop to photograph, taking more time to do it. I think one of the reasons is because of long exposures. If I'm going to devote more time to each image, I want that image to be special.

January 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMike Guilbault

Great image Marc, I would love to see it at full resolution and admire all the subtle shades you mention. I have been fortunate with my own stormy seas over here on the east coast of Newfoundland. I love seeing what details the waves offer up. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more. All the best in the new year, Curtis.

January 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCurtis Jones

Thank you for your comments, Mike and Curtis!


i completely agree that the longer we photograph, the more selective we become. I think that is true with most photographers. When I look back I have to chuckle a bit, because i used to be rather selective 10 years ago when I was shooting lots of film (including large format). When I switched to digital, I started to shoot a lot more, until I realized that pixel aren't really free (because you have to look through all your images and can take a long time). So in the past 2 years, I have 'returned' to shooting much more selectively, and I really enjoy it.


great to hear from you Curtis. Hope you're keeping well over on the East Coast. I can email you some higher resolution files....there are some images where the detail of this back really shines. The image I posted here is a crop from the original file (still got 40 megapixel and tons of detail left. Oh, and I'd love to see your images as well - I'll head over to your website now. All the best from Vancouver and I hope our paths will cross again in 2014!!

January 10, 2014 | Registered CommenterMarc Koegel

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