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My Photography gets 11 Honourable Mentions at IPA 2013!

Hello everyone,
I am happy to report that I have received 11 honourable mention awards at the International Photography Awards (IPA) this year.
I submitted only 2 single images and 1 photographic series this year, and all of my entries received honourable mentions in multiple categories. 
After winning 3rd prize at the PX3 Awards earlier this year, my current 'Lighthouse Series' received 3 honourable mentions in the categories 'Architecture - Historic', 'Panoramic', and 'Fine Art - Landscape'. 
My single image 'Brigus' won in 4 categories, including 'Travel/ Tourism'.
Finally, the single image 'Icelandic Rock' won in 3 categories, including 'Panoramic' and 'Fine Art - Landscape'.
But enough about me.
Like I did with my posting about the PX3 awards, I would like to again point you to some of the other award recipients.
Looking over the winners galleries, I noticed that a lot of long exposure photographs received awards this year.
What is more, I actually know quite a few of the award winners. From friends to students to colleagues, I think it would be time well spend for you to check out the work of the following photographers.  

This list is by no means complete, but it should serve as a nice starting point for you to browse all the amazing and inspirational work that is on display.

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. If I did, please don't take it personal -:)

Entry Title: " Sundial Bridge"
Sharon Tenenbaum
, Canada
Category: Professional, Bridges

I have known Sharon for several years. As a fellow Vancouverite, we have taught a few workshops together (and more are planned!). After winning 1st place for her photography of Bridges at the IPA 2011, she has done it yet again this year! Congratulation on winning 1st place, Sharon! If you haven't seen her work, make sure to check out her website!

Entry Title: " Like A Harp's Strings - Encore"
Julia Anna Gospodarou
, Greece
Category: Professional, Bridges

Julia wins 3rd prize in the same category! I met Julia in Berlin at the GPlus Euro Photowalk. We both did short presentations just before the actual 'photowalk' began. Ever since that first meeting, I have been following her work, and she never ceases to inspire! In addition to 3rd place, Julia wins numerous honourable mention awards as well. Go and check out her work!  

Entry Title: " City Centre"
Frank Meyl
, United States
Category: Professional, Cityscapes

Frank wins 2nd place in the Cityscapes category. His compositions look similar to what I have seen from many long exposure architecture photographers, but what sets Frank apart is his bold use of color and light. A very unique series, well seen and photographed, and impeccably presented.   

Entry Title: " Strong"
Kees Smans
, Netherlands
Category: Non-Professional, Bridges

I met Kees when I was teaching a workshop in Amsterdam (together with Joel Tjintjelaar). Less than a year later, Kees came out again to a workshop held in Domburg, and was a great help once again working with the students. I am really happy to see him win this award - In addition to always having a smile on his face, Kees is a 'serious' photographer doing some great long exposure work. 

Entry Title: " The Matrix"
, Japan
Category: Non-Professional, Architecture

A must see! This series is, in my humble opinion, one of the most striking imagery to be awarded this year. I rarely have seen long exposures combined with such a strong style and recognition for pattern, perspective and texture. Very clever inclusion of color, too. 

Entry Title: " Stalin's Architectural Legacy"
Leslie Hossack
, Canada
Category: Non-Professional, Historic

I met Leslie in Vancouver, when she phoned me up to discuss whether she would be a good fit to take a workshop with Ralph Gibson I was organizing. I asked her to come over and she showed me her portfolio. I was so blown away by the quality of her work - it made my day. Leslie signed up for the workshop and it turns out that Ralph liked her work as well - so much so that he acquired her portfolio. Something I have never seen Ralph do and I think this is another testament to the quality of Leslie's work. Having seen her prints, I know Leslie is not just a talented photographer, but also an expert printer with incredible attention to detail. I am proud to say that we kept up our friendship and I look forward to her call every time she comes to visit Vancouver. Congratulations for this well deserved award! 

Entry Title: " Classic Cars in Classic B&W Fine Art"
Joel Tjintjelaar
, Netherlands
Category: Professional, Automotive

I was really impressed to see Joel's classic car photographs. After winning numerous awards at previous IPA's, this is a different, new, subject matter. Yet Joel manages to photograph it with the same unique and dedicated style that made his fine-art architecture photographs so famous. A feast for the eyes! After teaching workshops together in Amsterdam, Domburg and New York, I hope to be working with Joel again in 2014 and beyond! 

Entry Title: " Departure"
Jens Kristian Balle
, Canada
Category: Professional, Self-Promotion

Jens is one of my former students, and I am so impressed by what he has accomplished in such a short time. His work has won numerous awards this year, and when you look at his portfolio it's not hard to agree that Jens will continue to rise to teh top of his profession. Jens is talented, dedicated, hard-working and is noty afraid to try new things and concepts. Browse his website to find a portfolio on long exposure work that has a very strong style and unique feel. Well done Jens - I cannot wait to see what's next for you! 

Entry Title: " Building A Mystery"
John Kosmopoulos
, Canada
Category: Non-Professional, Buildings

I met John in Berlin at the same event I met Julia Anna Gospodarou. We hit it off right away, and in the short span of less than 18 months I saw John again at events in New York and San Francisco. Next week, I will be co-teaching a fine-art architecture workshop in Toronto with John (and I am really looking forward to it and many more events). John is incredibly excited about photography, and his upbeat and fun personality makes him a joy to have around! Congratulations John to this well-deserved award! See you in Toronto in afew days!

Entry Title: " Axis Mundi - Trees of Life"
Joanne Scherf
, United States
Category: Professional, Landscape

Joanne has taken 2 online courses with me in the past year. From the beginning I could tell how dedicated and eager to learn she really was. Joanne has worked hard, and it shows in her photography. It was a pleasure to have her in my course, and I couldn't be more happy for her to win these awards. One of the best and most rewarding parts of teaching is knowing that you can make a difference - Joanne sets a shining example of what can be accomplished with the right attitude and desire! Congratulations!

Entry Title: " Lençóis Maranhenses"
David Burdeny
, Canada
Category: Professional, Landscape

A fellow Vancouverite, I have been following David work for nearly 10 years. I first 'discovered' him when he was shooting long exposure sea-scapes and over the years I have seen his work evolve and develop. There are not many photographers I can think of who manage to grow their style and master such as great variety of subject matter as well as David does. Do yourself a favour and check out his website - i am sure you will be impressed! 

I could go on and on with this list. But after almost 3 hours writing this blog I am going to stop. For now.

Please go and browse the amazing line-up of winners. There is something for every taste, in a large variety of subject matters. 

Thank you for reading (if you made it his far).

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Reader Comments (1)

Congrats Marc!! and thanks a lot for the kind words.

October 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJens Kristian Balle

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