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Revisiting the Ghost Town of Dorothy!

Hello everyone,

so I spend the day yesterday retracing some 'old tracks' photographing the great Prairie Landscape near Calgary, Alberta.

I took my students to many sites, from rows of trees to granaries (big and small), to churches and, of course, wooden grain elevators. There is a lot that this area has to offer, and guess what, you don't have to travel far and wide to 'exotic' destinations to discover this. Calgary is within a few hours travel from most Canada and US cities.

There is a lot of history here, and it's a playground for photographers interested in sharpening not only their technical skills (aka long exposure landscape photography) but also their compositional skills (aka minimalist, simpler vision).

We toured for about 11 hours, and covered nearly 300 kilometers yesterday. That's what I call a full day of photography!

Here is a quick edit from our shoot yesterday. It's a site I have visited many times before.

Dorothy is a small ghost town located near Drumheller. It has 2 old churches (which we photographed as well) but the main attraction is this very photogenic wooden grain elevator silting in a field.

Image details: Cambo Wide DS with Phase One Digital Back. Schneider 35mm Lens. Exposure 120 seconds @F8

On my website you can see the image I took on a previous trip several years ago. We had some fabolous clouds so I couldn't resist sharing this new image.

I will be travelling through the Prairies for 3 more days with my small group 'Canadian Prairies Tour' Photo Tour.

Before I go, here you can see our 'line-up of tripods' as we photograph at this location:

The best part is, despite the fact that we all photographed from a very similar angle, I bet all of our images will turn out rather different.

Looking out my window this morning as I am typing this, it looks like another great day with some awesome clouds! Can't wait to get out there with my camera!

Stay tuned as I continue to post from along the way this week!

Regards from Calgary!


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