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New Colour Work and Master Workshops with Michael Levin!!

Hello everyone,

I am sure many of you are familiar with the photographic works of Michael Levin.

A fellow Vancouverite, I have been following Michael's work and career for many years. It has provided a continued source of inspiration for me.

Over the past 2 years, we have started to get to know each other better, and in addition to aforementioned photographic inspiration, Michael has given me many valuable pieces of business advice as well.

Michael came over to my studio a few days ago, bringing with him a copy of the freshly released 'Victor', the prestigious hard-bound edition put out bi- annually by Hasselblad and sold world-wide. It`s an elite book, over-sized, and beautifully designed. Over the years, it has featured many acclaimed photographers work.

'Victor' marks the launch of Michael new photographic works in colour!

Here's an excerpt, taken from Michael's website, of what he has to say about his 'move into color photography':

After the sharp edges and bold clarity of his black and white work, Michael Levin has bloomed into a colour photographer revealing a languid interpretation of how light and colour dissolve through space. Though cast in a soft, ethereal luminosity reminiscent of 19th century Romantic landscape paintings - or Delft seen by Vermeer on a cloudy day - the muted colours, vast perspectives and minimalist phrasing in these new photographs recognise a contemporary desire for contemplative awareness. There is a meditative aspect to each of the images, an allowance to situate ourselves amidst the atmospheric effects so we can gain a better appreciation of our place in this still big and rapturous world.

I am very excited to see this new work by Michael, and wanted to use the opportunity to give Michael a feature here and introduce you to his new work.

  Please visit Michael's website to see more of his photographic works!


I also wanted to point your attention to the fact that I will be organizing the only 2 workshops Michael will be leading this year. And, there are no plans for workshops in 2014, so if you've been thinking about learning from Michael, this is your chance.

We will be hosting 2 weekend Master Workshops, both in an intimate seeting of maximum 15 attendees. The first one will be held in Vancouver and second in Toronto.

Michael writes that what matters most to him in his workshops is the ability to provide all participants with a more detailed understanding of how they can take their work to the next level.

He find participants respond to the informal atmosphere of the workshop, and value the insights he's gained in building my career step by step.

While knowing the technical aspects of long-exposure photography are important, Michael's workshop addresses the larger goal of creating images that are compositionally impressive and personally expressive. The workshop also focuses on the business side of photography, drawing from his unique perspective of having built a successful business exhibiting, selling, licensing and publishing his photographs.

Michael's workshop provides ideas and inspiration that will help each participant achieve their unique goals.

I hope you take a moment to be inspired by Michael's new work.

Thank you for reading!


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