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Pure Black and White - My Photography featured on the Phase One Website!

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce that my photography is now featured on the Phase One Website.

On a recent trip to Toronto I was given a Phase One IQ 260 Achromatic for a weekend.

Obviously, as a black and white photographer, I was really excited to give this unique camera a try. With a workshop to teach my agenda was pretty full already, but I managed to shoot a small series of architectural images which you can view on the Phase One website now. There you can also read about some of my impressions and experience using this unique camera. Let's just say I liked it so much that I knew I wanted to have more time to work with it...

So I was able to do another shoot with it this past week. This time, I took the IQ 260 Achromatic around Vancouver, and managed to escape for a quick shooting trip down to the Oregon Coast as well.

I am working on a very detailed report about my experiences, things I liked, disliked and learned along the way. Having had the camera for 10 days this time around, I feel that I understand it much more now then after just 2 days during that initial weekend. 

Please feel free to leave me any comments and/or questions below (in the comment section). And please stay tuned for the full report which will be posted to my blog within the next week.

For now, here is the first image from my trip down to Oregon. This was photographed in Astoria.

Image details: Cambo WDS Camera with 43mm Lens. Phase One IQ 260 Achromatic Digital back. Exposure: 90 seconds at F8.

I have visited Astoria many times before, it's a great location for sea-scape long exposures. I have enjoyed photographing the old industrial remains that are close to shore in shallow water.

I had noticed the container ships and tankers further out in the bay before, but never attempted to photograph them until a few days ago. 

I only had a wide-angle lens, so had to crop to get to the composition above. But having 60 megapixels to start sure helps maintain image quality, even when it's necessary to crop in a bit -:)

It was rainy all day, with a sky that lacked any features and definition to the naked eye. Being able to 'pull out' details shown above blew me away and speaks to the quality of the camera and capture. The sky looked completely washed out and pale. Bottom line is that I feel like I was able to walk away with an image that captured the mood and feeling of that grey and rainy day. 

Stay tuned for my full report and more images from the trip!

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