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Portland Head Lighthouse - In Color!

Hello everyone,

this will be my first post for 2013, and I would like to share another photograph from my still emerging Lighthouse Series.

This is the Portland head Lighthouse, photographed in September 2012:

Image Details: Exposure Time: 60 seconds @F5.6 Photographed using my Cambo Wide DS using a Phase One P25+. Image is stitched from 2 individual exposures.

Checking one of my favorite resources on Lighthouse, www.LighthouseFriends.com reveals the following information about this magnificent lighthouse;

Portland Head Lighthouse, at the entrance to Portland Harbor in Maine, has a history that reads like a Who’s Who from the early years of the nation. It was the first lighthouse completed by the United States government, and is the most visited, painted, and photographed lighthouse in New England. One keeper took financial advantage of the area’s draw, another enjoyed visits with a famous poet, while yet another thought it the most desirable place he could serve. And some believe at least one former resident has never left.

I remember getting to this lighthouse only about an hour before sunset. I usually like to get setup at least 2, even 3, hours earlier so I felt like I had to rush things a bit. Despite the timing, however, I was blessed with some incredible light. I couldn't belief my luck, as this was the only time I would be able to visit this location during that particular trip - I had to start driving back to Montreal the next day to catch my flight back to Vancouver. The slight rush and rapidly fading light were part of my decision to limit my exposure time to 60 seconds - just enough to blur the water and pickup some movement in the fast moving clouds that night.

I continued shooting until after sunset, and was among the last to leave the park. Yes, I even ignored the warden's call for everyone to vacate the premises as long as I could -:)

Looking at my 'contact sheet' from that shoot, I was only able to capture 4 photographs (2 of which I used to stitch the image above). Despite this low quantity I was confident that I had a 'winner'. I cannot wait to visit again to explore more angles and compositions. This has certainly been one of the most memorable Lighthouse locations I ever photographed at. With light like that, it made my 'job' pretty easy...

In addition to this color photograph, I am also working on a black and white version. I'll be sharing this coming up later this week so please stay tuned...

More tk...

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Reader Comments (2)

Excellent image and I really appreciate the accompanying info.

January 14, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterenman

Beautiful Image Marc! Love the deep blue in both the sky and in the water as well as the wonderfully contrasting red in the building. Very happy to see your images in color! There is a wonderful ambiguity in the atmosphere captured: On the one hand, the scene is very tranquil and soothing but, on the other hand, it almost portends an imminent storm, especially in the clouds rushing in. Almost makes me wish I knew what came next!

Best regards and Happy New Year for 2013!

January 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterImtiaz R

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