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A First from Iceland!

Hello everyone,

well here it is. The first image from my recent trip to Iceland.

Iceland easily places on the top of my list of countries to visit if you're into long exposure photography. In fact, there are many more cool things to do an explore there, but having only 7 days kinda' cut my agenda down to the essentials. Photography essentials that is. I rented a small camper van, hit the road and didn't stop looking for picture opportunities until it was time to head back towards the airport, 7 days later.

Along the way I took 337 pictures (yes that's less than 50 per day), saw some incredible places, ate great food and met some wonderful and friendly people. Oh, and I got a private visit and look inside an old lighthouse, almost got stuck on a high mountain road, and managed to survive without internet access for several days. Well, barely. 

Chatting with a photographer friend of mine just before the trip, he mentioned that Iceland is one of those places that can't be adequately described - you got to be there to really understand and appreciate it. When I arrived at the Glacier Lagoon I was blown away and couldn't agree more with my friend's statement..But this is by no means the only place that deserves this description. During my travels, I came across many sites and vistas that not only made me fall in love with Iceland but also had me mark my calendar for the next time I would be able to return. 

The image below is one of the first I took, right after touching down and picking up my camper. It's less than as 15 minute drive from the airport.

Camera is a Cambo Wide DS. 35mm lens. Phase One Digital Back. Exposure is 64 seconds @F11 ISO 50 with 13 stops of ND

This image is a stitch (or panorama) made out of 2 separate exposures, each shot at 64 second exposure time. It was real windy that day, so the clouds were moving fast and I was happy to have packed my big and heavy, yet very sturdy, tripod for this trip. I stayed at this spot for several hours, and actually re-visited it twice before my time in Iceland was over.


In the coming weeks, I will be posting more images from this trip, which in addition to Iceland, also took me to Amsterdam and Berlin, where I participated (and presented) at the Gplus Euro PhotoWalk.

Both Amsterdam as well as Berlin deserve seperate posts and those will follow soon as well.

For now, I am happy to be back in Vancouver, united with my family. This was the longest trip away since my kids were born, so it was time to put the camera(s) down for a while and return home.

More tk...


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Reader Comments (3)

Fantastic shoot Marc, love the processing too. I totally agree with you, after my first trip to Iceland last year I just know I have to return. I could have stayed for days just at Jokulsarlon lagoon and the black beaches of Vik.

Looking forward to seeing more from your Iceland trip.

May 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTerry Cluley

Yes looking forward to see more from Iceland. The private visit you got into one of the lighthouse is probably in my town Akranes and my friend Hilmar took you there and told me about you so I looked at your site and tried few shoots of long exposures with my not so good camera and lens.. I´ll try more later.

June 5, 2012 | Registered CommenterBjorn Ludviksson

Ah Iceland, definitely on my bucket list. Love the drama in this image, really tells the story of a battered isolated lighthouse.

Interesting that you mention this is a stitched pano; as I never thought that would be possible with a long exposures. Was this done in Photoshop or some specialised piece of software? I must go and experiment myself.

June 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

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