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Kálfshamars Lighthouse in Iceland!

Hello everyone,

here's another image from my emerging series on Lighthouses.

This lighthouse was photographed in Iceland, when I was there in May of this year.

Of all the incredible places I've visited in Iceland, I have the strongest memories of feeling surrounded by magic when I arrived here at Kálfshamars Lighthouse.

I spend almost 6 hours exloring and photograhing here.

There was an incredible sense of silence coupled with a strong feeling of being part of the surrounding nature. I sat down on a rock while the exposure was forming and kept sitting even after it was finished, just feeling so privileged to be able to visit this place. I listened to the waves and sounds of the ocean. I walked all around the lighthouse, exploring, searching, discovering angles and perspectives.

I remember there was some evidence of people being at this location. There was an outhouse and a small wooden shed that appeared to house tools and supplies. There were tire tracks leading to the lighthouse.

Despite these discoveries, I didn't encounter any other people while being there. 

I soaked up the silence, and can still remember how much I was hoping my photograph would succeed in conveying the magic and mystery of this place.

A long exposure can 'silence' elements, simplifying your compositions. You can see this 'at work' in this image as the water looks much calmer, or silent, despite the fact that the ocean was pretty stormy that day with lots of waves crashing on shore. 

A long exposure can also 'provoke' or 'stimulate' elements in your photographs. Here, the moving clouds create drama and draw attention, especially in contrast to the calmed waters and very stationary objects such as the lighthouse and rocky shoreline.

I recently had a student in one of my workshops who suggested these terms ('Silence' and 'Stimulate') as ways to summarize concisely what can be artistic effects of using long exposure techniques in your photography.

I really want to give credit here, as I have been thinking a lot about this. I hope this will help and inspire you all to not only give these techniques a try but also to study and investigate what the resulting effects are in you photographs.

While working on this image, I created a black and white as well as a color version. I've decided to share this color version first, the black and white will follow soon.

As always, your feedback is encouraged and much appreciated. Simply leave a comment in the section below.

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Reader Comments (1)

Hi Marc, just looking at the Iceland lighthouse, the colour version from your May trip ~ it is fabulous! wondering about the time of day and exposure for it. I have just bought myself a ND10 filter and have tried a few long exposures. I am using a D800 with BW filters. I am finding that the clouds seem to gather dust particles, I guess the little things get magnified? Might try and join you in Calgary on one of your weekenders. My user name on flickr is Carol How Photography.

Carol How

January 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCarol How

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