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FREE 2013 Desktop Calendar!

Hello everyone,

I am excited to present to you my 2013 Fine-Art Long Exposure Photography Desktop Calendar:

In gratitude for a great year and optimism that 2013 will be the best yet, I would like to offer you my 2013 desktop calendar featuring my award-winning fine-art long exposure photography.

Each image is in full HD quality with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution, so it will fill even a 30" monitor (or a Retina display).

Simply update or add your contact info to my personal Bulbexposures.com Newsletter Email mailing list and a download link will be sent to your inbox. You can find the signup window on the right side of this blog --->

I respect the confidentiality of your personal information and would never share it with another party. You can expect 6-12 emails per year maximum, and you can remove yourself at anytime.

Please feel free to pass this onto others, I hope to inspire you with my images :)

Thank you for the interest in my photographs, I look forward to keeping you posted on my endeavours throughout the year.

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