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Joe McNally!

Hello everyone,

it's my last day in Germany today. As I am getting ready to fly back to Vancouver with my family tomorrow,  my excitement builds for what is awaiting me there. 

I am sure nearly all of you are aware of Joe McNally. You literally have to try hard not to have heard of him. Joe is everywhere, on the net as well as in the 'real world'. He flies more than a quarter million miles on Delta alone each year.

Here's a screenshot of Joe's website. The image, which is part of his portfolio, was shot while he was visiting Vancouver. He was hanging out the rear of my old Van when shooting these guys going down the hill at about 60 km/h.

I met Joe in 2007. I just called him up and asked him if he was interested in doing a workshop for me in Vancouver. He agreed right away.

Joe has returned two more times to Vancouver since. In 2007, his popularity was already on the rise, but he hadn't published his first book yet and his incredible popular blog wasn't up online yet either.

It's amazing how Joe has advanced his career and popularity since. Today, he's among the most well-known and successful photographers, and bloggers(!), on the net. His workshops sell out right away, his books make the top ten list on Amazon each and every time. I have seen him present to over 1000 people at a time, and his 'FlashBus' Tour last year was the biggest and most attended photographic seminar tour I know of.

But what I admire the most about Joe is that he hasn't changed. He takes his work incredibly serious, in fact he is one of the hardest working people I know. He maintains an open mind, is friendly to everyone on and off the set, and he leaves his ego at home. I have met other photographers, who shall remain nameless, who are half as successful but don't think they have to talk to 'assistannts' anymore. Their ego is in the clouds, while Joe is just a friendly, incredibly enthusiastic, hard-working photographer. His success hasn't come easy, he has worked hard for it and deserves every bit of it.

He is truly excited about photography. And he is also incredibly loyal to his friends.

I feel truly honoured that he continues to make time to come to Vancouver. He could teach just about anywhere, and with his schedule bursting at the seams, having him agree to come back to Vancouver is a gift.

I do work very hard, with and for, all the Master Photographers I bring into town, and Joe really makes me feel appreciated. Thank you, Joe.

The image below shows Joe 'in action' last time he visited in 2010. Joe packed the house at the Vancouver Planetarium.

Starting this Friday, Joe will be doing 2 workshops and 1 all-day seminar. It's the most events we've ever put on.

Something else that can be learned from Joe is that no matter how busy his schedule gets, he always makes time for personal work. He loves to photograph dance, and so we have scheduled a couple of days for him to do just that.

I know this blog is mostly dedicated to fine-art and personal photography, but I do belief that every photographer, no matter what she or he shoots, can learn a tremendous amount from Joe.

If you haven't see his website make sure to visit today. If you haven't visited in a while, make an effort and go back.

I'm sure you'll find it worthwhile!

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