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Today is (soon was) the due-date for our baby son! So i have been thinking about what family really and truly means for most of the day...

Mila, our first born, will be a big sister very soon. And I am so incredibly excited to see her take on that role!

Growing up as a single child, I don't have personal experience or memories of what it means to have a sibling. My wife Xenija has a big sister, and I know the two share a very special bond that probably only sisters can fully understand and grasp.

I am very close to my parents. Incredibly close. So close that they are visiting us for a full 6 months this year. And I mean visit as in staying with us in our small (1500 sqft) house.

Soon, there will be 4 adults, one toddler and a baby sharing those small rooms. You gotta get on well with each other if you can survive 6 months of living together like this. We certainly have our challenges, but we wouldn't be family if we wouldn't be able to overcome them together. I am very proud of our relationship, and the respect and understanding we have for each other.

My wife Xenija is the love of my life! Our second child will only deepen this love I never thought I could feel before I've met Xenija. Xenija has not only made me the man I am today, she actually has made me a better man! Her love and support has made me overcome many obstacles in life, and I couldn't be happier seeing her become the mother of our soon-to-arrive son.

I've taken some time today to look back at photographs I've taken since Mila was born in March 2009. Initially, I planned to select a few and post them along with these words, but I quickly realized that there's no way I could only select a few 'favorites'. So I decided to make a small sideshow movie from the first 100 images that caught my eye.

I don't claim to have included all my favorites, nor images from each and every event I deem important. This is just a loose collection, but this doesn't diminish the importance of the images shown.

When Mila was born, I soon realized how much I had been neglecting taking PERSONAL photographs. A child is an automatic favorite subject for most parents, and I soon realized that i was on my way to 'giving Jay Maisel a run for his money'. For those who know Jay, he is not only one of the greatest Photographers I have ever met, he also takes the most incredible images of his daughter Amanda.

Having had the honour of several meetings with Jay, it was those personal photographs that made a lasting impression on me. Since becoming a father for the first time, my appreciation and understanding of said personal work has reached a new level.

Photography can mean many things to people, but there's a 'special' place reserved in my heart for such images I have taken of my family and my daughter Mila in particular. Those images help me remember the times and experiences we had. They not only help to keep those memories alive, they also help me appreciate life and its special moments more. They help me gain strength when I am feeling down. They make me laugh at the end of a frustrating day!

So without further ado, here's the video sideshow I just made today. Note that many of the images were shot on an iPhone, which may reduce the quality but certainly not the impact!


 Thanks for reading and watch this space for any news regarding the arrival of baby #2!

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