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IPA - International Photography Awards!

Photography contests and exhibitions are a great way to gain exposure for your work. How good are your images if they are sitting on your hard drives only? You gotta' get them out for the world to see and, hopefully, appreciate! If you're proud of your photographic work then you should also put some decent efforts into getting it out there.

As much sense as this should make to everyone, it's still much easier said than done. Personally, I have missed many, many opportunities probably because my priorities were, falsly, set on shooting alone. It takes effort and time to gather your work and follow through with submitting it. 

2 weeks ago, my good friend and teaching partner David Ellingsen promptly reminded me that the deadline of IPA was fast approaching. I am so glad for this reminder as it made me get my act together and submit my work to these prestigious photography awards. FYI, the deadline has just been extended so if you're reading this chances are you'll still be able to submit your work.

There are a few real important and highly regarded photography awards each year, so if you missed IPA here are a few more you should be aware of

I've submitted my recent work on long exposures of the Canadian Prairies, but also decided to include some recent portraiture work I did as part of the 'Tattoo Project'. Finally, I included 2 of my fine-art black and white nudes for consideration. It sure felt like I needed to make up for years of missed opportunities, so my submission became much bigger than what I had initially anticipated.

I'll keep you updated on any feedback I get. If nothing else, it felt real good to make those submissions and get those pixel 'out of my computer and into the world for everyone to see'.

If you have submitted your work and gotten great feedback and exposure from somewhere not listed above, please feel free to add links in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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