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The work of Michael Levin!

Just returned to the studio after having had a quick chat with Michael Levin. He told me about his new video, which has been released just about a week ago:

KI: Michael Levin from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.

Michael's work has been a great inspiration for me for many years. I first met him in person while judging a photo contest together over on the sunshine coast (not far from Vancouver).

Among the many photographers out there utilizing long exposure techniques, few stand out to the extend that Michael's work does. I show and discuss his work frequently in my lectures and workshops (don't like to show only my own), and haven't come across a single student who wasn't blown away and inspired.

In my humble opinion, Michael's work shows an unusually strong sense of personal style. He is a true artist with the camera, rather than 'just' a technician. His work is about saying something with the camera. It's not about a particular technique or expensive equipment.

Many people evaluate photography on technical merit alone, Michael's work suggest a much closer look. Personally, when looking at images I want to be taken inside the mind of the photographer. I want to see and experience the world through her/his eyes. I want to appreciate unique personal styles. It's about conveying a feeling and trying to understand what the photographer wants to say with his/her camera. 

Michael's work makes me do and feel all of the above.

His video 'Ki' is the first I have seen which succeeds in being an artistic representation of an artist at work. It's not just a mere documentary. Brad Kremer brings his own voice and abundant creativity to the table.

Michael, you continue to inspire me. Thank you!

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