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Shout Out: Jeff Gaydash and David Fokos!

Hello everyone,

I've been travelling this week.

Got to Germany 2 days ago, so I got a few days here with my family before I head off to teach a workshop in Amsterdam with Joel Tjintjelaar next weekend. I'm really excited to meet Joel in person, finally. And Amsterdam isn't too bad a place to spend a few days photographing -}

The last 2 weeks in Canada were rather lonely, as my wife Xenija took our two kids, Mila (2.5 years old) and Max (4 months old) with her to Germany ahead of when I was able to leave town. Strange to be in our house without the constant shatter, evidence that in fact we are a family of 4 now.

Since I got here I've been making up for lost time, spending lots of time with the kids and taking plenty of pictures in the process as I am testing my newest camera, the Fuji X100. And yes, I have ND filters for it and will be posting my initial thoughts soon, hopefully before I'm off to Amsterdam later this week. Don't know of any other photographer who would think of using this 'street shooter' for long exposure work. Someone's got to do it...

Onward to today's blog topic. I haven't done a 'Shout Out' for a while, so I thought I'd point to not just one but 2 excellent photographers today. It's my hope that you take some time browsing their work, as there's lots to see and admire.

The first Photographer is David Fokos. Below you can find a screen-shot of his website:

I first came across David's work in late 2007, while on a trip to Martha's Vineyard. He's done some very significant work on that secluded island. A friend of mine send me a link this week to a video showing David at work. I thought it was excellent, and it reminded me why I was so attracted to his work. It's very inspirational seeing photographers so devoted to detail as David is.

Here's the video:

David Fokos on Plum TV from clifford reese on Vimeo.

The second 'Shout Out' goes to Jeff Gaydash. I met Jeff during a seminar with Michael Levin, and started following his work ever since. Here's a screen-shot of Jeff's website:

In addition to being an excellent shooter, Jeff is also a very highly regarded and accomplished fine-art printer. I know of several photographers who have him print their work, so make sure to check out more details on his website if you're interested.

Thanks for reading. Hope this will give you some inspirations. More tk...

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