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Pooya Nabei: Long Exposure Fashion Photography!

Hello everyone,

Today's Shout-Out! goes to my dear friend and studio partner Pooya Nabei!

Pooya recently worked on a new series of Fashion Photography utilizing long exposures. In fact, we went out shooting together when Pooya was just getting this series started.

I remember we had to stop the shoot rather quickly, as the weather conditions just did not work. If I counted correctly, Pooya had to return more than 4 times to get all the images he was looking for.

Isn't it refreshing that despite the very (!) high calibre of Phtoshop work and retouching applied to these images, the Photographer in the end was still very much depending on the elements?!

In the end, persistence paid of and Pooya created an amazing series of images here. At least in my humble opinion.

Here are some samples, taken from Pooya's website. The series is called 'Rapt':


Please make sure to visit Pooya's website to see the rest of the images in this series.

There are many reasons I wanted to share these images with you.

Near the top is the fact that it illustrates just how large a variety of subject matter can be photographed using ling exposure techniques. Don't think that sea-scapes are the only creative opportunity...

What is more, I really like the color traetment Pooya has choosen for this series. As you may know, I am not good at color at all. But I can still recognize good color photography, and for this series I strongly belief that color is actually beneficial and an important element to communicate the mood. I am also no good in fashion either (my closet if full of black t-shirts) but I simply love the color palette in the fashion and how it relates to the colors in the landscape.

The retouching was very involved for this series, and was done by a local Photoshop retoucher Steve Pinter of Pinter Creative Studios.

Steve teaches Photoshop courses and workshops with VPW here in Vancouver, and it was great to see him being involved with this series.

I won't go into too much detail about how it was all done, but I will say that it involved photographing the models separately (in studio) and then 'placing' them into the long exposure landscape scenes.

Let me (and Pooya) know what you think of this series. Commenets and feedback are always appreciated.

More tk...

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Reader Comments (2)

Hello Marc & Pooya,

Lovely images that evoke childhood tales of lost princesses! There is a dreamy quality to these pictures and in the 1st and 3rd images posted here there is also something of a dreamy, faraway look in the model's stance. It totally complements the landscape in which she is situated and there is a very balanced tension between the model on the one hand and the landscape on the other. The colors are harmonious in every way and the smoothness of the sky and sea just adds to this sense of dreamy harmony. I really like the bonsai-like tree in the second image and, with its many limbs waving in the air, I almost expect it to follow the model as she walks down the rock! There is also a quiet, meditative mood to all of these pictures so that it does not seem odd to see someone dressed in all these high fashion cloths walking down a rocky beach. This contemplative mood is captured very well in the 1st and 3rd images and they have a wonderful tension to them between the model and the landscape, between her serene mood and the dynamism of an oceanic landscape made placid by the long exposure. Great stuff! So much to aspire to...

November 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterImtiaz R

Hello Marc and Pooya,

I picked up your site at random or whether it was God's gift to me-!! Very informative and clear indeed. Pooya long exposure fashion photography is terrific, however I am just wondering how to avoid motion blur during long expoures. Pooya models seem to be on the move . Grateful if you could share couple of tips for a novice to achieve such beautiful pictures.

Thank you for your insights



November 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPravin

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