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Family shots with my iPhone!

Hello everyone,

I arrived in Newfoundland today, another first visit for me on this trip (had never been to Nova Scotia either).

Unfortunately, the weather was real lousy. Stormy wind conditions made for a bumpy flight, and heavy rain and thick fog had me stay in my car most of the day. This is the first day since leaving Vancouver where I didn't even take my camera out of the bag even once. Keeping my fingers crossed for better conditions tomorrow...

I spend most of the day driving. Had lots of time to think, mostly about photography but also life in general. Yes, I even got a bit emotional.

This trip has been the longest (and furthest) I've been away from my family. I miss my wife, Xenija, and my 2 kids, Mila (2.5 years) and Max (4 months) very dearly.

It's a strange thing. On the one hand I know I need to take trips like this to be able to do serious photography. And Xenija is the first to understand and she actually encourages me to go on these 'adventures'.

On the other hand, today was clear evidence that photography can be a very lonely profession. At least sometimes. I know that I usually create my best work on these trips, and there are benefits to travelling (and photographing) alone. I can get up whenever the light is best. I can concentrate ALL my energy on photography. I can ignore all the typical 'distractions' of everyday life (and work) in Vancouver. I can clear my head, get new ideas and fill up on motivation.

When I return, I am usually full of energy and motivation. Even if I would not come back with a single photograph, I would still seek these trips just for the 'life' experiences I get along the way. I have met some fantastic people and seen some incredible places. All because I had a camera in my hands.

The camera has given me the licence to live this fantastic life, and have these rare experiences.

But still I miss my loved ones each time I go away.

So for today's post, I've decided to share some personal photographs I took of my family in the last 4 months. More precisely, most images are of my son, Max Johann Koegel. He was born in July.

The slideshow below starts with Max's birth. All images were shot exclusively on my iPhone.

Max has done a lot of travelling in his short life. Among his adventures was a trip to Las Vegas where he was likely the youngest participant at PhotoShop World. Before he's 6 months, he'll add Germany to his travel list.

Photography is about many things. And somewhere near the top of the list is that it is about memories. Looking at these images, I remind myself how incredible lucky and proud I am to be a father to our 2 beautiful children.

These images are not about f-stops, shutter speeds or ISO's. They are not technically perfect, nor very sharp.

Still they illustrate the power of photography. In a very personal way. I love my iPhone...

Thanks for reading.

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