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CN Tower in Toronto photographed with a Phase One Achromatic Digital Back

CN Tower. Photographed a few years back with the Phase One IQ260 Achromatic.

I was given this black and white only digital back by the good folks of B3K Digital.

Had lots of fun testing out the creative opportunities - loved the fact that the raw files were black and white and also that I could use colour filters in front of the lens just like with a film camera. Digital with a nice analogue twist -:)


Published in Photo Ed Magazine!

I'm very excited to have an article, and some new images, published in the current issue of Photo Ed Magazine. Truly honored to be featured alongside amazing photography friends Dave BroshaRussel Kwan and Wendy Kwan!

More info about the magazine is here:



First Place - Gold Star Award - 2016 ND Photography Awards in the Architecture

I'm chuffed to have been awarded First Place - Gold Star Award - at the 2016 ND Photography Awards in the Architecture - Other - Category.

 This is for my most recent series entitled 'Spomenici'. First time I've entered this competition, which makes this award even more special -:)



Portland Brown Bag Lecture Series - February 18, 2015

Hello everyone,

I am thrilled that I have been asked to speak about my photoraphy at the Portland Art Museum Photography Council’s Brown Bag Lecture Series coming up on February 18th.

If you're in the Portlan (WA) area, I'd love to see you there. Admission is free. Please pass it on!

As part of the presention I will be showing new work form my emerging new series 'spomenici'. If you're in Vancouver, you can see prints of this new work during my upcoming exhibition, opening April 23rd, as part of Capture Photography Festival. More detail about this will be provided in a separate blog post closer to teh event.

Here is some more information about the Portland Brown Bag Lecture:

Extended Exposure - Marc Koegel:

I will be presenting work from three award-winning series including: The Canadian Prairies, Lighthouses of the World, and the still emerging Spomenici.

I photograph in black and white using long exposure techniques. A unifying theme in my work is an ongoing interest in historical structures. As a result, I travel extensively in an effort to discover and bring attention to these unique structures. I often take a minimalist approach to help reduce visual distractions and to allow the viewer to enjoy the rich details and special characteristics of each subject.
About the Brown Bag Lunch Talks

The Brown Bag Lecture Talk series is a presentation of the Portland Art Museum’s Photography Council and is generously sponsored by Pro Photo Supply and Canon.

Lecture by:           Marc Koegel
Date and Time:    Wednesday, February 18th, Noon –1 p.m.
Location:              Miller Gallery in the Mark Building
Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Avenue, Portland,     OR 97205  www.portlandartmuseum.org / 503 226 2811

Cost:                     Free to the public.  (Attendees are welcome to bring their lunch.)

About the Photography Council

The Portland Art Museum Photography Council offers its members unique opportunities to learn more about the history of photography with Julia Dolan, Ph.D., the Museum’s Minor White Curator of Photography. Council membership dues support the acquisition of photographs for the permanent collection. The members’ annual print share meeting, private tours with Dr. Dolan, an annual art acquisition meeting, and special invitations to lectures by renowned photographers are just some of the benefits of Council membership.

The Portland Art Museum Photography Council’s Brown Lunch Talk series, conceived in 2009 by Past Council President Jim Leisy as a means of introducing the Portland photography community to the wealth of talent and creative energy in our region, has become one of the Council’s most popular public events. Since its inception, the BBLT has offered over sixty monthly presentations by regional and visiting photographer/artists that are free and open to everyone interested in photographic arts and process.


Small Waterfall in Eastern Iceland!

Hello everyone,

it's time to share a new image! I know it has been quiet here on the blog as of late, but I plan on changing that in the weeks and months to come.

The image I want to share today was photographed in the summer while I was on a 2 week trip in Iceland.

This image was photographed with my D800e and 35mm lens. Exposure was 90 seconds at F5.6, using 13 stops of neutral density.

This has to be one of my favorite images from my entire trip. Among the reason are the fact that in a country so seemingly 'overloaded' with amazing landscape images and majestic waterfalls, this small waterfall is very often missed, paling in comparison to the major attractions.

I had been driving for a long time that day, so when I pulled off the main road to head towards this waterfall, I did it as much for the fact that I 'just wanted a break' as for photography. I parked, packed my gear, and started hiking towards the waterfall. I decided to walk up a hill in hopes of getting a nice elevated view overlooking the falls, and was rewarded with exactly what I had been looking for.

The scene was simply amazing. No people were around, all that the eye could see was endless landscapes and mountains. The weather was changing and clouds kept getting thicker, adding to the overall atmosphere.

In this panorama above, shot with my iphone, you can see the 'big picture' and how well this small waterfall blends into the surrounding landscape.

It was an unforgettable day. No expectations, so it was easy to beat them -))

I felt like a true photographer, in the sense that I feel that I was able to make a photograph that conveyed my feelings standing in those beautiful surroundings, enjoying the space, quiet, and beauty of Iceland. And the fact that this is 'far off the beaten path' from the major attractions only adds to this satisfaction.

I will be back in Iceland for 2 trips in 2015. I cannot wait ...


Cyber Deals are here: Up to 70% off my video tutorials, workshops and new online course!

Hello everyone,

welcome to the biggest sale of the year!

From December 1st to December 5th, get 70% off my long exposure video tutorials, as well as 50% off select in-person long exposure workshops in Vancouver.

Finally, you can also get 50% off my new online course 'Art of Black and White Photography'

Discounts will be in effect from December 1st to 5th only!

For workshops and online courses, discounts are limited to only the first 5 (five) students in each course and/or online class.

Each workshop and online course is offered several times, so if the promotion has sold out you can try the next date. First come first serve. When the discounts are gone, they are gone.

Here is a detailed list of discounts offered, as well as how to redeem them:

I am very excited about my new 'Art of Black and White Photography' online course. After working on it for several months, I cannot wait to start it in January.

Note that all training above is offered through Vancouver Photo Workshops (VPW), my family owned workshop company located in Vancouver, Canada.

For questions regarding online registration you can contact the VPW office at (778) 898 5256 or email info@vancouverphotoworkshops.com


New Work Coming Soon!

Hello everyone,

my aologies for the long silence...I cannot belief my last post was back in July! Well, I am back and working hard on new work, so this blog will come to life again -))

Over the summer I managed to get out and shoot a lot, more than I ever have in the span of only a few months. My photographic journey lead me across Canada, to Iceland and arround Europe.

It was in Eastern Europe, that I was particularly excited to start work on a brand new series that had me travel through Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Bulgaria.

As I have in my previous work, this new series will also focus (pun intended!) on historic structures.

I am excited to share a first image of this new series with you all today:

This image was photographed using my Cambo WRS fitted with a Phase One IQ260 Digital Back. Exposure was 30 seconds, which is all it took the blur the clouds on this windy day.

I clearly remember the day...it was windy, cold and foggy when I first arived just after sunrise, but those conditions only added to the aura and feeling of this location. I stayed for several hours, exploring the site and making many photographs. There is no reference for scale in the image above, but I can tell you that this monument is well over 50 feet tall. Rather impressive, especially when viewed, and photographed, from down the hill.

Please stay tuned for more images to come soon. 

Thank you for viewing!


From RAW to FINAL: 'Traincars' panoramic long exposure photograph

Hello everyone,

I wanted to thank you all once again for your feedback and comments regarding my recent awards at the PX3.

I received a lot of questions regarding the creation of my winning images, so I thought I would re-post a 'RAW to Final' video that I created for my 'Traincars' image. This image just won 2nd Prize - Silver Award - in 2 categories.

Here is the video I made showing my workflow from RAW to Final:

Marc Koegel Photography -- From RAW to Final: 'Train Cars' image from Marc Koegel on Vimeo.

I did a post about this image last year in June, here is a link to that original post, it contains more information and images showing my workflow.

Once again, thank you all who have been so kind to leave a comment and/or reached out via email regarding my recent awards. Your feedback makes my day every single time!

Regards from Spain!



2nd Prize - Silver - at the PX3 - Prix De La Photography Paris Photography Competition!

Hello everyone,

After winning a 3rd Prize - Bronze - Award last year for my Lighthouse Series, I am super excited to announce that this year my photography has won two 2nd Prize - Silver - Awards at the 2014 PX3 - Prix De La Photography Photography Competition.

In addition to this 2nd Prize award, a very recent series of Icelandic Waterfalls has received an honourable mention award as well.

My Image 'Canada Traincars' won 2nd Prize in 2 categories, the Professional - Fine-Art/Landscape and Professional Nature/Sky categories. My series 'Icelandic Waterfalls' won an Honourable Mention Award in the 'Fine-Art/ Landscape' category.

Here are the images that have received the awards, along with links to the awards page:

1. Canada Traincars Image (Photographed in May 2013 near Calgary, Alberta. This images is currently being exhibited in Vancouver, B.C.):

Here is the link to see this image on the PX3 Awards page!


2. Icelandic Waterfalls Mini-Series (photographed in May 2014 during my most recent trip to Iceland):

Link to see these images on the PX3 Awards Page

I also want to congratulate all my friends, and students, who also received prestigious awards at PX3. I spent hours browsing the winners of each category, as this is a great opportunity to see some outstanding photography and get inspiration as well.

So here are some links to friends and students who's work has received awards. Please be sure to check it out - fantastic work here by some incredible photographers!

I could go on and on, and I apologize if your name is not on the list above....I have been working on this post for several hours, so it's time to post it now -)))

Congratulation again to all the winners!


Exhibition at Espace D. Opens tonight in Vancouver

Hello everyone,

I am very excited to announce my next photographic exhibition, which will open at Espace D. tonight, May 8th, from 6 - 9pm

Espace D. is a Vancouver based boutique dedicated to contemporary home décor and local art. Founded by French interior designer, Pierre Derreumaux, espace d. showcases a unique selection of high-end home accessories from leading worldwide capitals as well as original artworks from talented Vancouver artists to form and complement the foundation of your interior design.

I will have a wide selection of my works on display, ranging from some early sea-scapes to the latest from the Lighthouse and Canadian Pariries Series. Sizes of the works range with the largest pieces being 40" x 40" and 30" x 60" respectively.

If you cannot make it out tonight, Espace D. will continue to show / sell my work so please stop by next time you're in downtown Vancouver.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!